Founder Cole Stoffel’s journey started in 2nd grade when he was faced with medical complications, but his teacher, Mr. Maufort, was able to comfort him as he battled his own case of brain cancer at the time. On Christmas of that year, Mr. Maufort passed away. After losing his role model, running became Cole’s outlet. Since then, Cole has run many races while honoring pediatric cancer patients, including a 55-hour ultra-marathon when he was just 13 years old. He wanted to continue to help in his own way, which led to the creation of Cole’s Cancer Crusade, an annual kids-only obstacle course event representing the numerous obstacles pediatric cancer patients face while in treatment. While raising over $20,000 for local nonprofits, Cole was honored for his efforts by being named one of Wisconsin’s Top Youth Volunteers for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award when he was 13. He spent a week in Washington D.C. with kids from all over the United States who are world changers, learning from others on how to cultivate his mission to start his own nonprofit: It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can make a difference.

The next chapter of Cole’s life began on Halloween night of 2018.  He became very sick, looking pale and yellow. After countless months of test, biopsies, shots, and scans, Cole was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, known in short as PSC. PSC is a rare, serious chronic liver disease and unfortunately there is no cure other than a liver transplant. Friends, family, classmates, and teachers really came together to help Cole when he was struggling. Eventually, he was blessed to become a Wish Kid for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Cole did not let this diagnosis stop his pursuit to help with something larger than himself. It motivated our organization to recognize that there are many kids out there who are just like Cole. We want to support those who are battling and overcoming obstacles, and to inspire others to do the same. With the help of our supporters, Cole has had the opportunity to tell his story to thousands of kids across Wisconsin at schools, events with the Green Bay Packers, Make-A-Wish, WIXX, and others. What was once a second grader’s vision to honor his teacher is now his official nonprofit. We support children and families who have had or has a critical illness by giving directly to them to aid in expenses, as well as to medical professionals working to bring an end to pediatric terminal illnesses. We value teaching youth how to support and aid others in Wisconsin in their own way by means of volunteerism, activism, and donation. Cole’s Crusade mission is to help children and families in their home community of Wisconsin who have had or has a critical illness and to teach youth how to help others.


Cole Stoffel, Founder

Julie Stoffel, President

Aaron Hilbert, Treasurer

Christine Jansen, Director

Lynne Keckeisen, Director

Tyler Sass, Director

Gary Lewis, Director

Tiffany Paalman, Secretary

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